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The Ecole Philosophy
A carefully balanced and holistic approach is taken, ensuring that the emotional and physical health of each student is guarded, whilst the technique and knowledge necessary for ballet is thoroughly nurtured. The faculty of internationally recognized dance professionals works as a close team, bringing wide-ranging experience to the benefit of all students. Ecole teachers are dedicated to assist students experience the joy and fulfillment of dance and to helping each student to understand that meaningful freedom of expression in classical ballet can be achieved only by rigorous self-discipline. Training is carefully graded in a large number of relatively small classes. The principles of the AUSDANCE Code of Practice are observed.

Ecole Dance Theatre exists as a training scheme for members of Ecole's full-time professional training course. As well as offering the students frequent performing opportunities, the training offered also endeavours to educate the students in other aspects of stagecraft.


"In the history of ballet the best teachers have never limited themselves to prescribing only bodily discipline - at the centre of their philosophy has always stood the striving for harmony between body and emotion, the awareness and development of spirit and fantasy. But the dancer can only become an artist when his highly trained body totally agrees with all that he has to say."
–John Cranko

"The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility. These are the three forces which are the very nerve of education." –Rudolf Steiner