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From simple fun to true personal and artistic growth our daughter embarked on a wonderful journey at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre 12 years ago. Starting in the beginners grade, she has progressed through her dance training  and Rad exams  and is graduating 2010  from Ecole’s full time vocational  dance training to further her training at Rambert School in London.

Ecole is an exceptional school that offers a warm nurturing environment for the students. With Ecole’s caring attention to detail our daughter has had the best foundation laid with proper training , performance skills opportunities, exam and eisteddfod preparations to help her become not only the best dancer she can be , but also , to  develop a deep appreciation for the art of ballet, dance and music. Ecole has helped shape our daughter into the person she is today, confident with strong values that can be used throughout her life. The very experienced teachers at Ecole are always encouraging students to reach their  full potential while always ensuring a fun and positive environment. A highlight at Ecole are the highly professional ,creative and entertaining concerts held every year that bring valuable stage experience to the students both on and off stage , and of course has given us so much joy throughout the years.

Thank you Ecole for providing such a professional, enthusiastic ,  warm and friendly dance  environment for our daughter to learn and grow in and for giving her a lifelong passion for dance. We are so glad we found you !       Lottie Henrikson

I started dancing at Ecole Ballet and Dance Theater in order to attain my HSC dance certificate. Ecole's strict adherence to NSW guidelines ensured i was able to approach my final exams with confidence and fully prepared and that I was able to achieve high mark.

After i had completed my studies in 2008, with the encouragement of Jane and Ashley Killar i commenced a full time engagement at Ecole with the hope of gaining vital skills needed for my transition into a professional dance career of my choosing. During this time i had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of many teachers who presented a vast range of experience in ballet, contemporary, jazz and musical theory. These lessons left a lasting impression on me and contribute to my daily life as an artist today.

Whilst dancing at Ecole i was able to overcome a prior injury, which was due to poor technique. It was a very hard time in my life and  i felt i would never become the dancer i had always dreamed i would be. i was able to make use of the Pilates rehabilitation facilities available which made returning to dance easier. It was at Ecole that i recovered and was able to gain the necessary strength in my technique, granting me a solid foundation in classical ballet that will serve me for years to come.

I was offered a contract with the Australian Ballet company for the start of 2009. Had i not been to Ecole it would be unlikely i would be dancing for a living today. I was merely undertaking an HSC dance course to begin with yet that progressed rapidly into full time study and then a job within two years. I guess i was in the right place at the right time.    Noah Gumbert  The Australian Ballet